Due to the rapid change in market, more and more companies are looking for external expertise from efficient providers; who organizes and manages prestigious meetings, in addition to providing marketing solutions with minimal fees and time.


THREKA EVENTS is specialized in preparing, organizing, and marketing scientific conferences, exhibitions, workshops, and seminars in Kerala. It also provides professional management consulting. THREKA EVENTS delivers a full range of services through global expertise to diverse clients…


With THREKA EVENTS you can rest assured to having cost-effective, highly organized & successful event that achieves results, we are always readily available to answer any of your questions and provide you with all the necessary services. We also work for the client in hiring alternative Event firms or the right mix of vendor associates at the most optimal cost. Especially, in situations where it is not feasible for us to offer our services directly.


Our reputation for specialized service is the result of a management philosophy that stresses the importance of quality work combined with a mission to solidify lifetime clients. THREKA EVENTS will assist you from the very beginning of the planning process, and guide you every step of the way gain from our experience and knowledge in Kerala Market.


From initial site selection through on-site management till post-event analysis; Event consultant will provide thorough event arrangements and suggest distinguished features. Events consultant promises clear and effective communication channels, being detail-oriented attention.


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