taxi rentals



    5 SEATER

    Sedan : Etios / Dzire

    Daily Rate: 1700

    Daily Km: 100

    Extra Km: 15

    Driver Bata : 300

    Toll/Parking: As applicable


    7/8 SEATER

    Toyota : Innova

    Daily Rate: 2300

    Daily Km: 100

    Extra Km: 20

    Driver Bata : 300

    Toll/Parking: As applicable


    7/8 SEATER

    Totoya : Crysa

    Daily Rate: 2500

    Daily Km: 100

    Extra Km: 25

    Driver Bata : 300

    Toll/Parking: As applicable


    12 SEATER

    Mini Van : Tempo 12 

    Daily Rate: 3300

    Daily Km: 100

    Extra Km: 25

    Driver Bata : 300

    Toll/Parking: As applicable

    Corporate/Business Taxi Rate

    INNOVA CRYSTA250025300300
    COROLA ALTIS500035400300
    TEMPO -12 SEAT300025300300
    TEMPO – 17 SEAT350030300300

    Tourist Taxi Rate

    INNOVA CRYSTA230024300
    TEMPO -12 SEAT330025300
    TEMPO -17 SEAT400030300
    MINI BUS 26 SEAT750035500
    BUS- 35 SEAT1000040700
    BUS – 49 SEAT1100050700

    Welcome Threka Taxi Rentals

    Threka provides Kerala taxi packages and transfer in Kerala and across south India. You can easily book a cab from Threka. The backbones of this organization are our unique team of Kerala tourism and Kerala taxi service experts which provides you with superior taxi services throughout Kerala. We have a good number of experienced chauffeurs who knows the knock and corner of tourist attractions and best cuisine restaurants depends on the guest requirement. We assist with all Kerala taxi bookings and Kerala taxi tour packages according to each customer’s preferences and requirements.

    Cross over drive

    The THREKA C-O-D Team is specialised in honeymoon/adventure/pilgrimage packages. THREKA’S trained chauffeurs are well mannered, courteous, friendly and well informed about travel in and around South-India. THREKA uses its experience to ‘bestowing delight’ to each of our clients/guests. You will find the perfect vehicle for your trip, whether you are a single traveller or a larger group.

    Event drive

    For VIPs and Dignitaries attending an event. Choose from our exclusive fleet of Compact cars, Economy SUVs, Economy Sedans, Luxury SUVs and Luxury variants of the Jaguar, Mercidez-Benz, BMW, Audi and the Rolls Royce. The THREKA Entourage Team is entirely at your guests’ disposal providing answers to all questions and defining solutions to unexpected problems. Committed to personalized customer service tailored to individual needs. These services will only enhance you ‘brand impact’ at any public or private Event.

    Special day drive

    Festivals, Birthdays, Parties and Funerals are the sort of family occasions that frequently need transport for any number of family members, friends and guests, at short notice. As each and every family event is special, it is not easy to generalize about the services we can provide. THREKA will work with you on your precise requirements & personalize your experience in the most exclusive way. Planning any such events with THREKA, allows our clients the exquisite privilege of satisfaction and peace of mind, right from the ‘Planning Stage’, even before the trip begins!

    Wedding drive

    For an incredibly special and unforgettable wedding day. Just for this Day THREKA will help you find the perfect ‘charriot’ car. An extraordinary car has become increasingly popular with couples who want to celebrate their wedding in pomp and luxury. Besides our exclusive fleet of wedding cars, we also have a collection of classic and vintage cars like Morris Minor, Landmaster, Fiat Elegant, Benz-240, and provisions for floral arrangements and Velvet ribbons to decorate the car. THREKA ensures that you arrive in the most glamorous way. A moment to be cherished forever. Planning any such events with THREKA, allows our clients the exquisite privilege of satisfaction and peace of mind, right from the ‘Planning Stage’, even before the trip begins!

    Corporate drive

    For the ‘time’ and ‘money’ critical, business traveller. THREKA satisfies the need to have a vehicle ‘on call’, at fixed periods of time in a day or week. THEKA provides special rental packages as a solution, to keep our client stress free. Our Corporate Drive service passwords are ‘reliability’ and ‘professionalism’. Allow us the privilege to ‘wait’ on you at your chosen location, near an important meet. Allow us the honour to receive your guests at any port of entry in the state. THREKA Corporate Drive will make it a memorable experience for you. Be it a senior executive, a business associate or a personal guest. Our Corporate Drive services include: Airport Pick Up & Drop Off Port & Railway Transfers Diplomatic services – VIP/Dignitary & Diplomatic Client Handing Personal Bodyguards

    Chauffeur drive

    Local Drive: For the traveller who wants to roam around, sightseeing within the city. Full Day service is available for shopping, attending school functions and meetings, or for hospital calls. Outstation Drive: For weekend getaways or for a family Drive (THREKA can arrange compact tour packages). THREKA networks between Indian cities, connecting people and places, conveniently and comfortably (for any size groups).Transfer Drive:For the traveller who needs only a pick-up or drop, from one location to another (to/from airports, bus stations, hotels, movie halls, theaters, malls, business houses and private homes, even airports/sea ports/ railway station transfers).

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